K-FLEX is a real answer to the reduction of energy consumption for safety and respect of the environment. An ideal system for a place such as La Scala Milan, where the composition of K-FLEX ECO means that in the case of fire, any vapours released would be transparent and non-toxic to those present.

  • La Scala Milan has chosen the following K-FLEX insulation systems for air conditioning:
  • - “K-FLEX ECO” in the monument area and services zone because of maximum security (smoking) in case of fire.
  • - “K-FLEX ST” in the stage tower and technical areas, for visible finishes, impact resistant and black in colour, so as not to reflect light.
  • This choice of IC CLAD BLACK and AL CLAD systems was made for reasons of safety and stage performance, important factors for a place like La Scala, as part of a complete environmental and technical renovation in accordance with European legislation. The air conditioning systems, targeted for specific areas; have been carefully planned with regard to temperature parameters, relative humidity, acoustic insulation and air renewal, with advantage of saving energy and reducing environment pollution. The formulation for the use of K-FLEX ECO precludes the use of halogens, thus preventing the production of dioxins during combustion. The product can be disposed of in a regular landfill as it can be treated as urban waste.
  • Click on the icon below for details of K-FLEX ECO. ‏

k-flex eco 

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