Project: Acoustic insulation
Client: AZIMUT - BENETTI Group
Country: Italy
Product: K-FLEX K-FONIK GV 101

Sound insulation is very important in some areas, including that of luxury boats, where various specialized companies operate, including AZIMUT – BENETTI Group. The range of AZIMUT – BENETTI’s yachts is the biggest on the nautical market: the smallest yachts start at 20 feet (Gobbi model) and the largest reach as long as 220 feet (Benetti model). Each segment retains its strong product and brand, making Azimut-Benetti one of the main luxurious boat builders in the world. Asimut’s boats up to 20 m in lenght are defined as motor cruisers, and beyond that the term motor-yacht is used. These types of boats have very powerful engines and acoustical insulation required in the engine rooms to provide a quiet, luxurious experience. It is standard in this market to not only find the appropriate performance product, but also to provide already cut-to-size and ready to install materials. L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX has developed a special product for AZIMUT: K-FONIK GV 101. This product owes its excellent characteristics to the high density GV elastomer with the following configuration: 
K-FLEX ECO - 3 mm
K-FONIK GV - 3 mm
KRAFT Aluminum foil

The choice to use K-FLEX ECO as a material in contact with the fiberglass sheets of theengine compartment has two fundamental reasons: the need to elastically suspend the mass of the GV and the need of a product with low smoke emission. This last aspect is particularly important. In fact, in the marine sector all materials must pass some important tests, including IMO resolution 61 (67) and obtains the MED approval for naval applications. 

Specifically, the product has following certifications:
> Solas 74;
>Resolutions IMO and IMO FTP;
>MED Marine: Procedure Module B of Annex B of 96/98/EC Directive.


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