99.5% PURE ALUMINIUM SHELL and 90° ELBOWS with a thickness ranging from 0,6 and 0,8.

MT 500: male and female ball swaged edges calendered tube, with reinforced length-wise drilled sealing system.

Tubes Ø 70 = Length 500 mm
All the others = Length 1000 mm

CU 501: 90° preformed segmented elbows with female-female ball swaged edges.

Application on tubes:
> The MT 500 tube diameter is slightly greater than that of the corresponding CU 501 elbow, which makes the connection between the two parts much easier.
> The edges of the joints are fixed together by using the short screws in the holes provided.


Application of CU501 elbows: 
A - Open the segments of the elbow and place them around the insulated pipe. 
B - After the sections have been correctly positioned, seal the elbow with short screws using the holes provided. 
C - Connect the MT 500 tube by attaching male edge to female edge. 


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