Specifically designed to ensure a correct insulation thickness where joints are made. 

The PIR central section, which covers the whole circumference and is attached to two K-FLEX insulating material sections, ensures a perfect continuity of the vapour barrier. Longitudinal sealing is obtained by means of the self-adhesive overlap. The external cover is in PVC. The support is also available with a collar and a special metal support which, when fixed to the supporting framework, ensures greater overall installation stability. 

Thicknesses mm: 13, 19, 25, 32 
Tube diameter mm: from 18 to 160; inches: from 3/4” to 5”

Technical Characteristics
Central section in PIR Density 120 kg m3
Compression resistance 1350 kPa
Temperature range -45°C +105°C
Thermal conductivity λ 0,036 W/(m•K) a 0°C
Maximum stockage time 1 year
Colour Black
Permeability to vapour μ 7000
Diameter and thickness tolerance +1 mm / +/- 1 mm

The insulating supports are also available in K-FLEX ECO, SOLAR, AL CLAD, COLOR, in the same measurements as those indicated for K-FLEX ST.


1 - Place the insulating support around the pipe. 


2 - Spread K-FLEX adhesive onto the half-collars. 


3 - Seal lengthways using the adhesive overlap. 


4 - Fix the collar around the support. 


5 - Glue the support to the insulating material. 

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