K-FLEX Butyl Tape is a self-adhesive sealing tape consisting of a high-performance butyl rubber adhesive compound, protected by a reinforced aluminium film. K-FLEX Butyl Tape is highly adhesive, even at low temperatures, to all common building materials. K-FLEX Butyl Tape is highly resistant to ageing and UVrays. K-FLEX Butyl Tape is available in various sizes and colours for multipurpose applications.

> Tear-resistant;
> Cold applied;
> Excellent adhesion at low temperatures;
> Waterproof and self-sealing;
> Excellent heat stability;
> Resistant to ageing and to UV-rays;
> No oil migration;
> Solvent-free.

Choose the most suitable width and metal finish of the sealing tape. Unroll the tape until the desired length is reached. Start removing the release liner that covers the adhesive part of the tape and position the sealing tape. Carry out a rollpressing to avoid entrapment of air bubbles. When connecting two tapes, use an overlap of at least 5 cm. Press with a roller or a cloth pad.

The quality and the characteristics of the materials remain unaltered for a long period of time. However, it is recommended to use the product within 12 months from production date. The product must be stored in the original and unopened packaging in a dry and well ventilated place at a temperature between + 5 °C and + 40 °C. Storage above 50 °C may lead to difficulties in removing the release liner when applying. The product is not affected by frost.

The sealing tape must be applied to a clean, dry, smooth and dust-free surface. For an application between 0 °C and 5 °C, ensure that frost or condensation are absent on the surface. In case of porous supports it’s advisable to stabilize the surface. No special tools are required to install this sealing tape.

Sealing and joining materials such as glass, steel, Plexiglas, polycarbonate, wood, aluminium, PVC. K-FLEX Butyl Tape can be used for the sealing of doors and windows frames, conservatories, gutters, piping and ducting. K-FLEX Butyl Tape can also be applied in construction on canopies, roofs, chimneys and skylights.



 0.6 mm


 50 - 100 mm


 10 m

  Value Test method
Film Type / Colour Aluminium - PET -
Compound Type / Colour Butyl Rubber Adhesive / Grey -
Standard Thicknesses 0.6 mm  
Tensile strength Long. > 150 N / 50 mm | Tras. > 150 N / 50 mm EN 12311-1
Elongation at break Long. > 20 % | Tras. > 20 %Long. > 20% | Trans. > 20% EN 12311-1
Solids 100% ASTM D 792
90° Peel adhesion  ≥ 90 N ASTM D 1000
Probe tack  ≥ 8.0 N ASTM D 2979 
Vertical flow 0 mm  ISO 7390 
Application temperature Range +0 °C / +40 °C 
Service temperature Range - 30 °C / + 90 °C -
Test reports
Flammability Classification: M1, Non-flammable, test by SNPE N°14647-09 (UNE 23727:1990, UNE 23721:1990, NFP 92501).
Fire classification: E, test by MPA Stuttgart (EN ISO 11925-2, EN 13501-1).
Permeability to Vapour: 1,29 e-16 kg / (m.s.Pa) - μ = 1,53 e+6, test by CSTB CPM 11/260-33839 (NF EN 1931).

The manufacturer disclaims all liability for product use and applications. Butyl sealants are plastic products. They possess no elastic recovery. Do not use for permanent fixing or in load bearing applications instead of an adhesive or a mechanical fixing. Butyl adhesive are sensitive to solvents. It is advisable to check the chemical compatibility of the butyl adhesive with the substrate adhesives.

L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX reserves the right to change data and technical requirements without notice.
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